you have to understand that you are something speciall
you are my own angel, that God had sent.
look into my eyes, where you will find all the answers.
I love you, and in my heart you still live today.
you were the only one who got to see me weak.
if you would be close to death, I give you my last breath.
I have a feeling that I still have you by my side.
I could never stop fighting for you.
you can really tell who I am you know me best, because I am so fucking in love.
you will always stand me so damn close.
you will always carry all my heart, so you can hear my thoughts when you feel pain. and listen very carefully, and do not think I'm lying right now. thinking with my head and write down .. I think about you all the time.
at night, I can´t sleep.
is it possible to have a better *?
you mean a lot to me.
there is a flame that never burns out, can swear on everything that it will never end.
it does not go a night without me thinking of you.
I'll will take care of you. my little treasure

I'll never forget when we walked hand in hand


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